Lives changed forever this past year because of you. Your partnership with the persecuted church shares Christ’s love with thousands!

This Christmas, you can change the world too. Everything changes when you support those in the persecuted church. One simple gift has a ripple effect across entire communities.

For instance, supporting a child in need like Hayma* alters her world forever. Giving her the gift of a safe home run by the local church, education, and biblical teaching after she endured hardship is transformative!

Be a world-changer this Christmas!!


Partner With a Pastor

Kan Htet* boldly serves his community in the face of persecution because of your partnership. He’s planted churches in unreached areas, boldy sharing the Gospel, caring for people in difficult regions.

Give $50 – 1 Month Partnership
Give $300 – 6 Month Partnership
Give $600 – 12 Month Partnership

Children’s Care Homes

When you stepped in to provide for Hayma*, everything changed! Before, she lived in poverty with a dismal future. But you gave her Godly caregivers, nourishing food, and a quality education.

Give $25 – School Supplies
Give $50 – Health Care Fund
Give $420 – Care For A Child

Impact a Community

Pastors across all denominations joined to serve their regions as one body. Hundreds and thousands experienced Christ’s love. Many were healed, the forgotten cared for, and the lost were brought to Jesus!

Give $100 – Where Most Needed
Give $300 – Bibles and Materials
Give $2500 – Community Campaign

Give God’s Word

Edmundo* was at a loss for words. He and his family previously had to share a Bible with the entire village since they were so difficult to access. Because of you, he received what he once thought was impossible.

Give $25 – Bibles to 5 Families
Give $50 – Bibles to 10 Families
Give $250 – Bibles for Whole Church

Build Hope for Youth

Fernán* had a challenging life. Through kids ministry, he’s experienced more love than he knew was possible! His teachers and the local church showed he is beloved by God and can have a hope-filled future by following Him!

Give $5 – One Kid to Day Camp
Give $50 – Invest in Children Ministry
Give $500 – Bible Quizzing Event

Equip Pastors & Leaders

When Yaza* began his ministry, there were no options for training. After WorldServe Bible College (WSBC), everything changed! His spiritual & practical leadership impacts his community greatly.

Give $50 – Where Most Needed
Give $300 – Support Pastor Training
Give $1200 – Pastor Full Scholarship

Strengthen Families

Elisa* lives with her mother in challenging circumstances. But your gifts changed Elisa’s life, and that of her mother too! Now the church can provide spiritual & practical needs. You’ve breathed hope back into their lives!

Give $15 – Supply Clothing
Give $25 – Provide Food & Medicine
Give $100 – Improve Family Situations

Empower Micro-Business

Tajo’s* life, and those around him, were changed forever when you provided a Micro-Business loan. Now he and his family are secure, they support his pastor and the church’s ministry, and the repaid loan will go to a new person.

Give $50 – Where Most Needed
Give $200 – Invest In A Business
Give $800 – Start A Business Project

Feed the Hungry

Hlaing* ran out of food. His family was desperate. Pastor Cetan* had nothing to offer, so they prayed earnestly that food would miraculously come. Then, only days later, your gift of compassion astonished them!!

Give $100 – Where Most Needed
Give $500 – Emergency Care
Give $1000 – Feed 500 Families



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