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People across the world have experienced Christ’s love through a life-changing gift you’ve given them!

What may seem like a small gesture can actually be life-altering to someone in a persecuted region. A $25 donation provided Bibles for five families – something Riza* never dreamed she could own! $35 per month changes the life of a child in need. Kyi Lwin* had no one to care for her, but now she receives food, shelter, Biblical teachings, and a quality education!

Partners share stories about the practical and emotional impact your gifts have in their communities. Tears of happiness erupt when receiving food in the midst of a dire economic crisis.

This Christmas, give a gift that shows the compassionate heart of Christ!


Partner With a Pastor

Pastor Reuben* is passionate about sharing the Gospel, even in the face of severe persecution. Reuben carries out acts of compassion for his community by feeding the hungry, and caring for the forgotten.

Give $50 – 1 Month Partnership
Give $300 – 6 Month Partnership
Give $600 – 12 Month Partnership

Children’s Care Homes

Kyi Lwin* and her siblings had no one after their father passed away. Now, Kyi Lwin has a future from the children’s home where she receives food, shelter, Biblical teachings, and a quality education.

Give $25 – Bibles for Children
Give $50 – Health Care Fund
Give $420 – Care For A Child

Community Impact

Mora* was trapped, but found freedom at the Women’s Recovery Centre, made possible by your support. At the Centre, Mora received lodging, food, Biblical teaching, and counselling to support her throughout her recovery.

Give $100 – Where Most Needed
Give $300 – Bibles and Materials
Give $2500 – Community Campaign

The Gift of God’s Word

Riza* never imagined owning a Bible. Borrowing when possible, Riza longed to have her own someday. Because of your generous donation, Riza’s dream came true – she and her whole church received their very own Bibles!

Give $25 – Bibles to 5 Families
Give $50 – Bibles to 10 Families
Give $250 – Bibles for Whole Church

Kid’s Ministry Impact

Elian* was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. During this terrifying period, he was supported by God’s Word and workers. Elian is one of thousands of kids who don’t feel scared, lost and alone anymore.

Give $5 – One Kid to Day Camp
Give $50 – Invest in Children Ministry
Give $1500 – Partner with a Club DJ

Pastor Education & Development

Paz* receives pastoral training from WorldServe Bible College in an area where Gospel censorship has removed all other options. Paz was amazed by how God stirred and equipped him to serve his region in Jesus’ name!

Give $50 – Where Most Needed
Give $300 – Support Pastor Training
Give $1200 – Pastor Full Scholarship

Children in Need

Sisters Allita* and Solana* were homeless. Through your support, Allita and Solana received care from their local church. They experienced Christ’s love in action and now have clothes, school supplies, food, and more.

Give $10 – Supply Shoes & Clothing
Give $20 – Education Needs
Give $100 – Beds with Bedding

Micro Business

Raul*’s vehicle bodywork business has saved him and his family! Through COVID, food shortages and massive inflation, your support in the Micro-Business ministry empowered them to survive unimaginable difficulties.

Give $50 – Where Most Needed
Give $200 – Invest In A Business
Give $800 – Start A Business Project

Disaster Relief

Claudia* and her family had hadn’t eaten for days. Food was scarce, and anything available was completely unaffordable. Then, Claudia received life-saving food donated by you from her local Church Planter!

Give $100 – Where Most Needed
Give $500 – Emergency Care
Give $1000 – Feed 500 Families



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